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Image of 'Trailing Flora' Original

'Trailing Flora' Original

£65.00 - On sale

This is an original watercolour painting, hand done by myself. Total size: 11"x14".
Original One of a Kind Watercolour.
Flowers: Amethyst Wisteria, Constance Eilliot Passion Flower, Castor Oil Plant & fallen Buttermilk Avalanche Rose petals.

You are not purchasing a print. This is a one off hand created piece of Art. This is a complete one of a kind with no print production.

I paint these wildlife pieces in my 280+ year old English cottage. My paintings are handmade using high pigmented watercolours to achieve a statement piece of artwork.

Caring for your piece of artwork isn't hard, but bear in mind, if you decide to place your piece in a brightly lit room with a lot of natural light then it will inevitably fade over time.

I believe that pieces of art and gifts should not be defined by monetary value. Instead, they can be defined by sentiment, memories and love. You as the recipient or even if this is for a gift have something to treasure forever without having to pay a fortune for a piece of artwork.

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