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2021 Calendar


This year, the game is upped!
250gsm silk paper! Handprinted and made in England! Size A4. 13 pages.
These are gorgeous calendars available to order now and ready to be dispatched. There are ONLY 30 available and once they've sold, that will be it. There will be no stock replenishing once they're gone. I ship worldwide too. This calendar has no 'holidays' in it. I've made the decision to keep it free of these so you can completely customise it yourself.

Each month features one of my watercolour illustrations taken from a carefully curated painting. Each months image has had a lot of time designing, editing and creating to give you a unique calendar.

My British illustrations are all my own and highly sought after. Being featured in the local newspaper, online and in Country Living magazine, my products, prints and these calendars make the perfect gift....even if it's a gift to you! Bring a smile to someones face.

***PLEASE READ*** Regarding postage, these are heavier than a print and therefore cost more ship. Royal Mail has "Kindly" dramatically increased shipping to the USA and Canada. This is now unfortunately reflected in my shipping prices. If you are wanting to order more than one calendar, please place your order and I will refund 20% of the total shipping cost you have just paid. Prints and Artwork cannot be shipped with these calendars due to them having a spiral bound at the top. So no refund for shipping will be given if Artwork and Calendars are ordered at the same time. However, coasters, tea towels and greeting cards can be packed in the same parcel.

I paint the originals pieces in my 280+ year old English cottage. My paintings are handmade using high pigmented watercolour inks to achieve a statement piece of artwork. I am part of the whole printing process, right from the scanning, to adjusting the colours to ensure a true likeness to the original and right to the end product and printing. Printing takes place locally. Products featuring my illustrations are all handmade in England.

*Please do not use any voucher codes for these. You order will be terminated if so. With the exception of local residents of Shepshed who can use the code provided on Facebook.

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