These are my brand new Coasters from my new supplier. The main reason for the change was service. I needed a reliable & efficient maker for my British made Coasters, hence the change over. But with that, comes a slightly higher price tag. They're also brighter and more colourful and I've also released 3 new designs. 🌈

Pomegranate Peaches illustrative Coasters. You have a choice of 17 to choose from soon. You can choice which ones you would like from the dropdown menu. They are in order of the first image to make it easier for your choosing. Here goes:

Peonies & Bees
Plain Bee
Lilac Bee
Wildflower Heart
Mouse on Brambles
A Year of Flora
Sunshine Bee
Home picked Jewels Botanical Wreath
Flatcoated Retriever
Blue Feather Wreath
Botanical Mass
Delphiniums & Poppies
Astro Bee
Runner Ducks

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4FOR14 to recieve £2 off your coaster order.
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Each one is printed in England & made from hardboard. These coasters can be wiped clean with a damp cloth & gentle multi purpose cleaner. They each measure 9x9cm.

The illustrations on each coaster are taken from my Original Watercolour Paintings that I hand create in the Heart of England. These coasters are not mass produced. They make the perfect gift & add a true whimsical touch to any home.

The colours, image placement & sizing will vary slightly from coaster to coaster, and they definitely will vary in quality compared to my Prints with the same illustration on. So please bare this in mind when purchasing. The printer use for these coasters is a very different technology compared to the printer used for my Limited Edition Prints.

You can also purchase these illustrations as Prints, & some of the Original Paintings are still available.

DISCOUNT CODES: Please do not attempt to stack multiple discount codes. Only 1 discount code valid per order. If you want to place 1 whole order, please check which you choose to receive the discount on for eligible items. The reason I do this is because I am a small business & I have to take in to account the financial loss for multiple discount code use. If you wish to benefit from more than 1 code, for example on Coasters & Greeting cards, then please place 2 orders. Refunds for shipping will not be given.