Greeting Cards


Brand new to my Pomegranate Peaches online store, are these full size greeting cards. Sold individually so you can choose what selection you would like & with two discount codes available for multiple purchases. Printed on Metallic Ice Gold 300gsm card, which results in a soft Gold Dust glow on the surface of the card. This detail lends itself really well to my Watercolour Illustrations. They measure 147mm x 105mm. The card is blank inside and comes complete with a brown ribbed envelope.

To make your selection, use the drop down menu. The list on the drop down menu is in the same order as the first collage image to enable you to know which is which.
(from left to right and then down the collage)

New Cards are as follows:
A Year of Flora
Blue Feather Wreath
Flatcoated Retriever
Home picked Jewels Botanical Wreath
In stock and ready to ship.

5 for £13 use code 5FOR13
10 for £25 use code 10FOR25
Or these can be purchased individually for £3.
Plus postage & packaging contribution.
(Please do not abuse the discount codes. I have made these codes available for you to use on qualifying products. Any abuse will result in the transaction being terminated without warning.)

Please remember, you are buying greeting cards that feature artwork that has been hand created by me, these are not mass produced. They are however made in the UK on a small batch basis. I use the finest of Printers and I hand pack each pack of cards my self. The quality of these cards are superior to most. All these factors are reflected in my pricing. Image placement may also vary between cards.

DISCOUNT CODES: Please do not attempt to stack multiple discount codes. Only 1 discount code valid per order. If you want to place 1 whole order, please check which you choose to receive the discount on for eligible items. The reason I do this is because I am a small business & I have to take in to account the financial loss for multiple discount code use. If you wish to benefit from more than 1 code, for example on Coasters & Greeting cards, then please place 2 orders. Refunds for shipping will not be given.