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Pomegranate Peaches iPhone Cases. Featuring my iconic Bumble Bee. Please make the correct selections on the drop down menu.

These phone cases are "Tough" cases, they offer extra protection compared to your common snap on plastic cases. Using high quality material, the outer casing is made from a flexible plastic and the inner part is a durable and sturdy TPU liner. They fit your phone with precision, whilst being lightweight and protective.

Please bear in mind that each case is designed individually, so each Bee placement may vary in size, position & angle.

The design on this phone case is taken from an Original painting I hand created. You can purchase prints to match this particular illustration. I paint the originals pieces in my 280+ year old English cottage. My paintings are handmade using high pigmented watercolour inks to achieve a statement piece of artwork.

These particular cases are IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP WORLDWIDE.