'Chapel Porth 1' Original

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Inspired by Chapel Porth Cove, owned by the National Trust, along the coast of Cornwall. This treasure cove breaks the typical smooth coastline often flocked by surfers & beach goers in Cornwall. Chapel Porth is rough, rugged & deep. I've swam here around 4 times, in sunny warm weather, in stormy blue grey sky weather & in the dark...pitch black at 11pm at night. I have seen this cove from height, from land, from the waters edge, from below the tide & from above, floating on top. One of the biggest features of Chapel Porth's cove that stood out to me was the big waves one particular day. So big they made me, at 5'10" look small.

Acrylic on Canvas Original - 15x15cm - Little Sister

This piece has been hand painted using Acrylics & has tones of whites, peaches, vibrant oranges, pinks, lilacs, blues & some silver. The size of this pure cotton canvas is 15x15cm with a depth of around 3.5cm. It comes unframed. But like all canvasses is ready to be hung on your wall. There is a larger sister piece that would compliment this smaller piece beautifully. Please see the other Chapel Porth listing.

Going back to my roots, I recently launched my Acrylic on Canvas range as a permanent fixture within my business. Being a Cold Water & Wild Swimmer I see the Ocean from a different perspective. Whether it be 5°c or 21°c, I embrace whichever the weather, whatever the time of year & whatever the water current is. This swimming, this wild or cold-water swimming is my cure, my safe place, my healing moment & my escape from the daily troubles that arise due to being a cancer patient as well as someone who can be super anxious.

My Acrylic paintings are hand painted on white cotton canvas & come in various sizes. What you won’t find here is prints of my canvasses. Every single piece is unique & a one of a kind piece. The colour scheme I use throughout is shades of dreamy blues, pinks, lilacs, peaches, whites & oranges. I turn what everyone else sees into my perspective, my interpretation of stormy seas, calm seas, big waves, dark skies, blue skies & so on, I turn this into a dream like piece. In hope to relax the recipient, to calm you, to take you away & for you to see the world in a different light. All my Acrylic pieces are taken from memory of a swim or an ocean view…from Chapel Porth Beach in Cornwall to the blue skies of Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana.

I believe that pieces of art and gifts should not be defined by monetary value. Instead, they can be defined by sentiment, memories and love. You as the recipient or even if this is for a gift have something to treasure forever without having to pay a fortune for a piece of artwork.